Modern Methods of Construction Program

QBuild’s Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) program builds more and better-quality homes in less time to support government housing needs in regional and remote areas of Queensland.

MMC uses innovation construction techniques developed in partnership with Office of the Queensland Government Architect and industry suppliers. In response to Queensland’s housing crisis, we established a production facility at Eagle Farm and Zillmere in Brisbane.

MMC streamlines the design and delivery of modular housing products to support fast-tracked residential solutions by:

  • carrying out due diligence and site preparations while a home is manufactured.
  • faster construction times through high-volume repeat manufacturing and fewer disruptions caused by weather events
  • creating a sustainable forward pipeline to ease housing pressures in regional Queensland
  • building modern studio, 1, 2 , 3 and 4-bedroom homes in partnership with industry within controlled factory environments
  • significantly reduced waste, reduced downtime due to injuries and a more stable workforce, resulting in lower operational on-costs.
  • upskilling QBuild tradies to ensure a highly skilled workforce is available to deliver a significant pipeline of work in the lead-up to Brisbane 2032.

Explore the MMC floor plans and register your interest by completing the online enquiry form.

Progress update

We plan to manufacture, deliver and have more than 150 modern homes ready to be tenanted by mid-2024.

These homes will be stored off site and transported to regional communities to meet demand, including for immediate response to natural disasters.

Rapid Accommodation and Apprentice Centres (RAAC)

To support our industry partnership in the production of prefabricated homes, QBuild established an RAAC at Eagle Farm and Zillmere to support innovation and provide apprentice training opportunities through the manufacturing of modern homes.

A third RAAC in Cairns will be fully operational by mid-2024 to accelerate the delivery of factory-built modern homes in North Queensland. This facility will employ QBuild tradies and apprentices, support staff, and local workers through industry partnerships and on-site completion contracts.

Manufacturing partners

Manufacturing is being undertaken by QBuild tradespeople and apprentices at the Eagle Farm and Zillmere RAACs, as well as the following 11 MMC suppliers:

  • Ausco
  • Fleetwood
  • Hutchies Modular
  • Modscape
  • Blok Modular
  • Eco Cottages
  • James Engineering
  • ModnPods
  • Saltair Modular
  • Volo Modular
  • WestBuilt Homes.

Opportunities for other suppliers to be involved in the program will become available during 2024.