About QBuild

QBuild is a vital part of Queensland’s $50 billion building and construction industry which employs 235,000 Queenslanders*.

As the Queensland Government’s builder, QBuild plays an important role in communities across the state by building and maintaining government-owned assets such as schools, social housing, police stations and correctional and health facilities.

With almost 1,500 staff and a network that includes 20 offices and 34 depots across the state, QBuild is well positioned to deliver construction and maintenance services to communities including those in regional and remote areas.

In recent years, QBuild has re-established its role in educating and training young people, contributing to a trade-qualified future workforce and ensuring the stability of the state’s building and construction industry for decades to come.

In a disaster event, QBuild staff are among the first on the ground, completing repairs and building works to help communities to get back on their feet.

*National Institute of Industry and Economic Research, Queensland and Queensland Region Construction Activity: Quarterly Projection Update, December 2022.

Rebuilding QBuild - Phase 2

On 1 May 2023, the Queensland Government announced plans to continue the Rebuilding QBuild Program beyond the 2019-22 intake of 300 trade-based field staff including 60 apprentices, with further growth to be rolled out between now and 2026.

QBuild’s expansion will continue to strengthen Queensland’s building and construction industry over two proposed stages as follows:

  • By the end of 2023, recruiting up to 150 trades-based staff including 30 new apprentices.
  • By 30 June 2026, boosting our trades workforce to 1000 people including 200 apprentices, with further project delivery support staff to support the trades.

Phase 2 of the Rebuilding QBuild Program will:

  • create jobs for trade-qualified staff
  • provide education and training to people looking for a trade career
  • help deliver more construction and maintenance services to regional and remote areas of the state
  • improve the government’s ability to respond to natural disaster events
  • help address housing needs of Queenslanders
  • support the critical infrastructure development required for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

It will also strengthen QBuild’s existing regional footprint with an increased trade and administrative workforce to be established across its state-wide network of offices and depots.

To support Phase 2, QBuild has secured a strong pipeline of work including construction and maintenance on government assets such as schools and social housing.

QBuild Rapid Accommodation and Apprenticeship Centre

The QBuild Rapid Accommodation and Apprenticeship Centre (QRAAC) at Eagle Farm opened in March 2023. The centre will play an important role in phase 2 of the Rebuilding QBuild Program with a Queensland-made approach to housing construction and workforce training to address housing needs of Queenslanders.

Prefabricated homes will be made at the QRAAC using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to bring more housing supply into the market quicker. In partnership with the Queensland building and construction industry including the MMC suppliers, QBuild will deliver up to 439 homes approved under the five-year Government Employee Housing Capital works program (2022-27) for government employees across regional Queensland, such as teachers, nurses, and police officers.

Working with QBuild

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What we do

We partner with government agencies to strategically manage their assets so they can focus on their core business – delivering services for Queenslanders.

In 2021-22, QBuild helped deliver approximately $1.6 billion of works to Queensland Government agencies responsible for schools, housing, police stations, correctional facilities, ambulance stations and other facilities.

Work is delivered both in-house (by QBuild’s own tradespeople and apprentices) and with industry and local suppliers to support local communities.

QBuild offers a range of professional and technical functions under three core services – Plan, Build and Maintain.


Our eBusiness systems give our agency partners, contractors, consultants and suppliers access to administer their business needs with QBuild.

Access our eBusiness systems:

See the logins page to access the applications that support our products and services.

Partnering with building suppliers

Registering with QBuild

If you are a contractor, consultant or supplier and would like to work with QBuild, complete our registration process.

Prequalification System

Contractors and consultants must register through the Prequalification System if they wish to perform the following work:

  • contractors: compete for major capital works contracts worth at least $1 million
  • consultants: perform consultancy services on government building projects expected to exceed $60,000 in value (or with a service risk rating of 3 or 4 where the consultancy fee is less than $60,000).

Upcoming tenders

See Queensland Government's online QTenders for:

  • upcoming, current and closed tenders invited on an open list
  • view awarded tenders including construction projects.

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