Strategic Plan 2023-27

Our vision

An agile and sustainable social and affordable housing and homelessness system.

Our purpose

To provide social and affordable housing and homelessness solutions for Queenslanders through investment and collaboration.

Our values

  • Partnership

    We work across boundaries to deliver housing priorities with our stakeholders

  • Innovation

    We are agile and encourage new ways of working

  • Responsive

    We treat our customers with respect and empathy

  • Inclusion

    We will listen, embrace diversity, and engage all

  • Leadership

    We make evidence-based decisions and take responsibility for our actions

  • Integrity

    Our behaviours match our words and our decisions are transparent



Increase supply of social and affordable housing.

Strategies we’re undertaking to achieve this objective

  • Provide social and affordable outcomes through our programs and assistance funds.
  • Encourage industry partners to develop, finance and operate additional social and affordable housing.

Performance indicators

  • Number of social housing properties.
  • Average wait time to allocation for assistance into government owned and managed social rental housing.
Culturally safe and responsive services

Provide culturally safe and responsive housing and homelessness services and support.

Strategies we’re undertaking to achieve this objective

  • Deliver key actions outlined in the Queensland Housing and Homelessness Action Plan 2021-25 and progress development of Our Place, A First Nations Housing and Homelessness Action Plan 2024-27.
  • Enhance the way we deliver culturally responsive pathway planning, tenancy support and referrals.

Performance indicators

  • Number of households assisted to sustain private market tenancies.
  • Number of households on the housing register that have received other housing assistance in the previous two years.
  • Number of people assisted by specialist homelessness services.
Engage with stakeholders to improve our policies, processes and regulations

Engage with community and stakeholders to improve our policies, processes and regulations to meet Queenslanders’ needs

Strategies we’re undertaking to achieve this objective

  • Deliver housing standards and ensure rental homes adhere to new standards of safety and security.
  • Develop the next stage of housing legislation and law reform to drive contemporary social housing, residential services, manufactured homes and retirement villages practices.
  • Strengthen partnerships with community housing sector to improve data collection and outcomes.

Performance indicators

  • Percentage of department-owned social housing dwellings in acceptable condition.
  • Customer satisfaction for public and community housing.
  • Instances of housing assistance delivered through all programs and products.

Opportunities we leverage to deliver our vision

  • Use data to understand our customers, optimise service delivery and enhance outcomes for the community.
  • Collaborate with our partners across government jurisdictions and the community.
  • Leverage digital technologies to improve the way we do business.
  • Build a robust workforce through targeted programs and support.

Strategic risks we manage

  • Disruption—supply chain, escalating costs, community sentiment.
  • Increased demand—migration, market pressures and cost of living.
  • Climate resilience—disaster management, climate proofing infrastructure and carbon reduction.
  • Cyber security—privacy, statutory rights and responsibilities.
  • Staff safety—health and wellbeing.

Our contribution to Queensland Government’s objectives for the community

We support these government objectives for the community:

  • Good jobs: Good, secure jobs in our traditional and emerging industries
  • Better services: Deliver even better services right across Queensland
  • Great lifestyle: Protect and enhance our Queensland lifestyle as we grow

We contribute to these government sub-objectives for the community:

  • Supporting jobs
  • Making it for Queensland
  • Growing our regions
  • Backing our frontline services
  • Connecting Queensland
  • Building Queensland
  • Honouring and embracing our rich and ancient cultural history


In our decisions and actions, we respect, protect and promote human rights for enduring cultural change in the Queensland public sector and self determination for First Nations peoples.

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