Licensing reforms

Create a stronger building and construction industry by enhancing the skills of licensees through support and greater professional development.

Queensland has a maze of more than 200 licence types which can be difficult to understand and negotiate.

By streamlining the licence structure and ensuring licences align with modern qualifications, we will help maintain a high standard of professionalism and protect consumers too.

This is one of the reasons we have introduced new professional expectations for mechanical services and why we continue to look at other parts of the industry that may need to be accredited.

To support these reforms, the QBCC has been empowered to take meaningful action against non-compliance.

These tougher new arrangements provide a fairer, stable playing field for the industry and further protect the community from the effects of poor building work.


The Queensland Government has developed the Queensland Building Plan update 2021 (PDF, 1341.11 KB) articulating what has been achieved to date, as well as confirming the commitment to creating a safer, fairer and more sustainable building and construction industry.