Investment specifications

Investment specifications describe the intent of investment, the service users and associated issues, service delivery types, and requirements for services to be delivered with departmental investment.

The investment specifications are used in conjunction with the service agreements and other documents that provide detail on specific requirements for the delivery of funded initiatives.

  1. Community Services Investment Specification(PDF, 640.54 KB)
  2. Individuals (PDF, 1764.56 KB), Individuals (DOCX, 208.43 KB)
  3. Community (PDF, 1272.28 KB), Community (DOCX, 161.86 KB)
  4. Service System Support and Development (PDF, 1331.99 KB), Service System Support and Development (DOCX, 125.63 KB)
  5. Disaster Relief and Recovery Program (PDF, 1280.27 KB), Disaster Relief and Recovery Program (DOCX, 527.27 KB)

Archived versions

Previous versions of the Investment Specifications can be found on the archive page.

Initiative Guidelines

Community Services funding support a range of initiatives with specific initiatives guidelines and service delivery requirements. These documents can be found at this links:

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