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Following recent changes to departmental responsibilities, functions of the former Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy have been transferred to other departments. Work is underway to update departments' websites.

A thriving digital future for all Queenslanders

We have partnered, engaged and consulted widely on the development of this Digital Economy Strategy. This strategy will build on what’s already happening and be future focussed for what is needed over the next decade.


We respectfully acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditional Owners and Elders of the lands and seas on which we meet, live, learn and work.

We acknowledge those of the past, the ancestors whose strength has nurtured this land and its people, and who have passed on their wisdom. We acknowledge those of the present for their leadership and ongoing effort to protect and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures. We acknowledge those of the future, the Elders not yet born, who will inherit the legacy of our efforts.

We recognise it is our collective efforts, and responsibility as individuals, communities and governments, to ensure equality, recognition and advancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders across all aspects of society and everyday life.