New life chapter for father and son after house fire

8 September 2023 12:01PM

Public housing tenants Clive and his son John were forced to evacuate their Redcliffe home when it was destroyed by fire.

The fire started when a faulty battery in a mobility scooter caught alight at the social housing property in July.

“We were all asleep when it happened, but we managed to get out in time,” Clive said. “It burnt the whole garage and part of the building.”

Clive and John managed to escape unharmed and were immediately supported by staff at Moreton Bay Housing Service Centre, who placed them into emergency accommodation at a local motel.

The fire at their home caught the attention of local Channel 7 news. After Clive and John’s story aired on television, a local resident donated a brand-new mobility scooter to replace the one John had lost in the fire.

A few weeks later, Clive and John were moved into a two-bedroom apartment in Clontarf, Moreton Bay, to begin a new chapter.

“It’s a lovely unit. It’s very quiet here,” Clive added.

“The staff (at Moreton Bay Housing Service Centre) have looked after me. They were ringing the electricity company to get my electricity back on.”

Senior Housing Officer Chris said they keep in regular contact with Clive and his son John to ensure they are settling into their new unit.

“Life has changed dramatically for Clive and John since the fire. It is a big adjustment for them both, but Clive especially as he was in the property for almost 50 years,” Chris said.

“It was fantastic to see Clive and John set up in their new place and getting to know their new community.”

Clive and John’s fire damaged home is currently being repaired and renovated so it can be made available for new social housing tenants.

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Father John and son Clive at their unit