About Homes for Queenslanders

Ensuring every Queenslander has a safe, secure and affordable place to call home

Queensland’s strong and diverse economy, thriving cities and regions, and laidback lifestyle have made it one of the most sought-after states in Australia. Tens of thousands of people have moved here over the last few years. It’s a good thing, but it comes with challenges.

As well as this migration, national housing pressures, like interest rate rises and labour and supply-chain shortages, have put our housing system under strain.

Keeping up with housing demand is a major challenge. But we don’t just need more housing – we need different housing types that suit our changing households, lifestyles, communities and climate. And we need them quickly.

Our housing system is interconnected and complex. Homes for Queenslanders (PDF, 5376.91 KB) is our vision for a fair and sustainable housing system that ensures better housing outcomes both now and for future generations.

Our vision

Homes for Queenslanders outlines an orchestrated approach to fast-track 1 million new homes by 2046, including 53,500 new social homes.

These will be homes that Queenslanders need in areas where they want to live and work – the kinds of homes that meet the needs of our growing and diverse population.

We will increase housing supply to reduce pressure on prices and improve affordability. We will also provide more support for the frontline workforce that looks after the vulnerable, and we’ll make sure renters get a fair go.

This plan builds on the progress we’ve already made and introduces new initiatives and measures to support Queenslanders into safe and secure housing and to improve housing affordability for all.

Our focus

The initiatives in Homes for Queenslanders cover every aspect of the housing system: housing affordability, rental market, home ownership, social housing, homelessness, and legislation and reform.

The initiatives are grouped under 5 pillars:

We will also focus on closing the gap for First Nations peoples to overcome inequality in the housing system and create a fair playing field.

The initiatives in this plan represent combined industry-wide investment, and reflect our commitment to partnering with the private sector and community organisations to deliver real results.

This will put us in good stead to ensure every Queenslander has a safe and secure place to live for now and for the future.