Community housing helps young mum get back on her feet

Last updated: 
12 April 2023 10:51AM  
First published: 
12 April 2023 10:46AM

A year ago, Amanda was living in a motel with friends and her newborn baby boy.

“We were sharing a room together, so it was my bed next to theirs, and in between us was the bassinette for my son,” she said.

The young mum had struggled to find housing, and the motel at $800 a week had been the best option.

“We were living like that for months because we couldn’t find anywhere else to go,” she said.

Then Mission Australia helped Amanda and her son move into a caravan park.

Amanda also received a bond loan and rental grant through her local Housing Service Centre that helped her move into community housing.

The Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy also helped her to purchase a cot and mattress for her toddler through a Flexible Assistance Package.

Amanda says her new home has allowed her to get back on her feet and focus on caring for her little boy.

“It’s very, very good.”

Young people can get housing help through Housing Service Centres with products and services tailored to their needs such as loans, subsidies, grants and social housing.

Any young person in need of housing assistance can find their local Housing Service Centre or phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or the 24/7 Homeless Hotline on 1800 474 753.