Towards ending homelessness

Ending homelessness requires more than just housing. It requires safe, secure and affordable housing, combined with appropriate supports to help people to stay in their homes and achieve improved whole-of-life outcomes.

Under the Housing and Homelessness Action Plan 2021–2025 (PDF, 3466.73 KB), the Queensland Government is committing an additional $20 million over 4 years to provide essential housing with support services for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Under the Action Plan, we commit to:

  • co-designing improved housing and homelessness system responses, including integrated service delivery across government and community services, with significant focus on mental health
  • increasing housing for people in crisis and assist them to transition into longer-term housing with support
  • enhancing coordinated housing and homelessness responses in priority locations
  • equipping the government and community sector workforce to enhance contemporary responses to homelessness.

Young people

Towards ending homelessness for young Queenslanders 2022-2027 (PDF, 4765.52 KB) is the Queensland Government’s commitment to improving housing outcomes for young people.

The policy and framework outline a $29.8 million investment to deliver initiatives to ensure young Queenslanders have the information, opportunities and support to access safe, secure and affordable housing when they need it.

Under Towards ending homelessness we commit to a range of actions including:

  • additional coordinated support for young people, delivered by Specialist Homelessness Services
  • helping young people connect to education, training and employment
  • supporting and responding to the needs of First Nations young peoples
  • delivering new and improved digital resources to help young people and their support networks:
    • access housing and support early
    • secure and sustain a tenancy
    • plan pathways to home ownership
  • recruiting specialist housing workers who will help young people obtain and sustain safe, secure and affordable housing.

This is the first step in transforming the way housing products and services are designed and delivered to help young people in need.

Assistance for young people leaving government services

Youth Housing Essentials helps young people who are leaving government services get access to essential goods and services to meet their housing needs. They may be transitioning out of care (Child Safety), youth justice, corrections, a youth foyer or temporary accommodation.

To access this assistance, a young person must be supported by a government agency, service provider or Housing Service Centre. Read more about Youth Housing Essentials.

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